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What should I put in my config file for Gridcoin-Research?

Please find gridcoinresearch.conf in your %AppData%\Roaming\GridcoinResearch folder (Linux: ~/.GridcoinResearch) and insert a line for your BOINC email address and at least one node if it is empty:

These lines should already suffice for the GUI client. If you would like to control the daemon through command line, you will need to add:


This is set to localhost for default, so telnet in the local cmd works fine. Remote control however requires to set rpcallowip to the right value.

For command line administration, you will also need to enter a username and password into your config file:


Additionally, Gridcoin will listen for commands on whichever port you specify with rpcport if, for instance, you would like to control your wallet directly from another host. For example:


Default port is 9332 for RPC.

If your BOINC folder is not in the default path, you need to specify its location in the config file. The following is an example of a non-default path. The double backslashes are necessary, especially at the end of the path. eg:

boincappdir=C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\ 

or on GNU/Linux (notice trailing slash):


If your system fails to sync, check your List of Addnodes.

But ensure you dont have an addnode=your own ip, or you will end up banning yourself (because when the node sends itself the first message, the local time is far enough off of the network time (which it does not know yet) so it will ban itself.

If you need help with the new Proof of Research client, find us at:

Other Entries

Most of Gridcoin's config file flags and command line arguments are taken directly from Bitcoin, and you can find a list which explains a lot of these options here: A few additions which are specific to Gridcoin are listed below:

Auto-unlock feature - use encrypted wallet for staking



This is a toggle switch for you to accept connections from outside. Enabling this option will allow you to participate as a fullnode and spare extra bandwidth for the Gridcoin network.

Those with less RAM and slower systems/internet connections/expensive bandwidth might wish to add listen=0 to their config to NOT allow incoming connections if the firewall is not already blocking them.

The default listen port is 32749.

Still having problems to get connections? Maybe use netstat to check your network statistic, see what is coming in and out/what processes are involved, etc:

(switch -o is useful as it shows the associated PID (Process IDentifier). Once you have that you can go to Task Manager>services and cross reference the PID)


GRC will export mags to CSV once per day.


Blocks client from upgrading on its own.


Turns off DDOS security in GRC client. Not recommended.


Let your node receive tons of extra messages in debug.log and debug2.log. If you lose disk space you can set debug=false in the config file and delete your debug.log. After version Gridcoin shrinks its debug.logs every time you boot down to about 150k, so it should technically stay very manageable from this point forward.


A way for tester to focus on up to date issues in a succinct manner - but you don't have to set it as it will just wretch out a lot of stuff that Rob is working on...


On invalid checkpoints do not enter safemode, but retry.


Option to let you decide if you want to see the orphaned transactions in your transaction list - helpful for debugging them. Usually, coinstake transactions that are not in the main chain are removed from the list.


Stop client from automated restarting. Became default. If anyone wants the wallet to reboot after it reorganizes the chain they will have to add suppressreboot=false


Seems to prevent crashes rather than supressreboot.


Prevent wallet from talking to you. This feature was removed in wallet v3.5.9.4.


Don't update Neural Network while wallet is on.


Tell the wallet you are not in the pool.


Tell the wallet to mine Gridcoin with CPU. Deprecated with Gridcoin-Classic.


Participate in testnet. Be sure to have only and/or for nodes in .conf file.