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This page is intended to document the changes to Gridcoin Research as posted by Rob Halförd on CryptoCoinTalk. This page is outdated. More up-to-date information can be found here:


2015/01/07 Gridcoin Research 17.3 v3.3.4.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added a day in PoR age to CPIDs over 1 day old to make newbie transition easier
  • Added 3 more messages to getmininginfo to cover reserve balance messages and pow mining for newbies
  • Added one more rule to make it easier to stake block 1 and 2 with balances < 100

2015/01/06 Gridcoin Research 17.2 v3.3.4.1-160

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Should fix crash during keysigning
  • Eliminate 1grc orphan

2015/01/06 Gridcoin Research 17.1 v3.3.4.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed PoW difficulty levels to work on slow machines
  • Added getmininginfo error messages for newbies staking 1st block
  • Made it possible to stake 1st block with 10 grc

2015/01/05 Gridcoin Research 17.0 v3.3.3.8

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Made live ticker sizeable
  • Detailed stakeminer errors in getmininginfo
  • Added 4 new boinc projects:
 boinc_projects[78] = "";
 boinc_projects[79] = "";
 boinc_projects[80] = "http://www.primaboin.../%7Cprimaboinca";
 boinc_projects[81] = "";
  • Automatic orphan ban control (keep good nodes communicating) and syncing from zero
  • Newbie Experience - no automatic download of blocks unless suppressdownloadblocks=false
  • Clear mining errors once stakeminer starts
  • Added currenttime command to rpc for debugging

2015/01/03 Gridcoin Research 16.8 v3.3.3.4

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Added a live ticker display window to provide the ability to track stocks or crypto prices (rolling horizontally on the bottom of the screen)
 To access the window:  Click Advanced | Live Ticker
 To set the equities or cryptos being displayed set this key: tickers=GOOG,^DJX,^RUT,^VIX,SPY,AAPL,$GRC,$BTC,$LTC   
 (Note: We automatically set this key for you with defaults the first time you launch the screen (unless it is already set)). 
 Where stocks do not include a prefix, all indexes must be prefixed by a carat, and all crypto's must be prefixed by a $.
 (Prices are refreshed once every 5 minutes.  Variance is calculated driving the color.)
 GRC Live Ticker will automatically multiply the last crypto price * BTC current price to arrive at the display price
 This screen was designed to drag it to another monitor and leave it behind other windows etc.
 We may make it transparent later so it can be overlaid.
  • Moved SQL Query Analyzer to Advanced menu

2015/01/02 Gridcoin Research 16.7 v3.3.3.3

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • orphanpunishment=0
 ** Added orphanpunishment key.  Set it to zero on linux if you do not want to punish hackers for forwarding orphans through you
 (allows you to sync).  
 In this way we do not have to reduce the "punishment" key - or even set it - so we still have full protection.
**** I Just verified on Ubuntu setting this orphanpunishment=0 flag to zero allows perfect syncing.
 Dont worry about the punishment key unless you are an advanced user ****

(This also works on windows external nodes).

2015/01/02 Gridcoin Research 16.7 v3.3.3.1

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Added punishment key for external nodes: punishment=10 bans hackers for 10 minutes, punishment=100 bans hackers for one day
  • Grandfather in to sync from zero (Tested)
  • Verified newbie experience
  • Added code to inteligently ban hackers and allow new users to sync without a problem
  • Reproduced issue with New User downloading blocks: FIXED (Note: Use key suppressdownloadblocks=true to stop the automatic download during a reinstallation of gridcoin)
  • Synced in Linux from Zero successfully

2015/01/02 Gridcoin Research 16.5 v3.3.3.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Changed POW to one step (more efficient and easier) (prevent chain from sticking)

2014/12/30 Gridcoin Research 16.0 v3.3.2.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed CPID payment span issue
  • Added an option to run magnitude csv in detailed or non-detailed mode: list magnitudecsv, list detailmagnitudecsv
  • At block 102300 we prioritize blocks solved by hash(grcreceivingaddress,lastblockhash) to improve concurrency and reduce orphans (Testnet excluded)

2014/12/29 Gridcoin Research 15.9 v3.3.2.1

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Automatic download of blocks for new users
  • More orphan refinements
  • Cleaner logging
  • Removal of CPIDv1 except for blocks < 70000 in showblock
  • Fixed interest value on GUI
  • Checkpoint

2014/12/29 Gridcoin Research 15.8 v3.3.2.0-130

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Orphans

2014/12/28 Gridcoin Research 15.8 v3.3.2.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed bug in stake miner causing a lag in the UI
  • Fixed bug in not accepted (by me) calculation (Hopefully the majority of the rest of the orphans were due to this)
  • Added Org and OrgKey Prefix to block
  • 99% of linux public key support

2014/12/27 Gridcoin Research 15.7 v3.3.1.8-125

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Ensure client stakes
  • LevelDB adjustment to allow new cpids (affects people syncing from zero)
  • Faster startup

2014/12/27 Gridcoin Research 15.6 v3.3.1.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Removed support for CPID v1 in the block (old blocks are grandfathered in until 98300
  • Removed more logging
  • Fixed not accepted (by me) errors

2014/12/27 Gridcoin Research 15.5 v3.3.1.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Orphan flood prevention; orphan count must be low per submitting node and are tracked by time; violators are banned
  • Protected messages with rolling codes and transmission time; if a message is invalid user is banned
  • More agressive banning of user based on the way they connect to the network
  • Block version protection (old blocks are rejected if they are within 15 mins of age and submitted by an out of date version)

2014/12/26 Gridcoin Research 15.4 v3.3.1.4

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Anti hacker version (no cpid connections, no exchange key connections, compiled version only)

2014/12/26 Gridcoin Research 15.2 v3.3.1.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Adjustments to block acceptor
  • Clear orphan table once every 30 minutes (prevent rejected by Me errors)
  • Removed more unecessary logging
  • New rules go in effect @ 97300

2014/12/25 Gridcoin Research 15.0 v3.3.1.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Optional feature for windows users : Suppress Windows Error Reporting Dialog : to set this key execute this command from the rpc (This means that when an app crashes on the node, you will not receive the Windows Error Reporting Dialog - Would you like to check the internet for solutions or Debug this program? The program will just end.)
 (Note: Crash dumps will still be created and stored in the standard location if you set this key).
 (This feature was requested 90 days ago in testnet - its not really needed with a stable client,
 but may be useful when we go back to testnet).

- Added a generic interface to the win32 side to allow consolidation of the commands and for extensibility.

  • CPIDV2 integrated on all blocks (still need to remove CPIDV1 in 5 days)
  • Check up to 3 times with netsoft before rejecting the block in the second place in Gridcoin
  • More anti-orphan adjustments

2014/12/24 Gridcoin Research 14.8 v3.3.0.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Network Security Rules
  • Added detailed magnitude report per RTM and SePs suggestion.
 List magnitudecsv has three more columns: Payment Date, Research Payment amount and Interest Payment Amount.  
 The rows below each CPID break down the Payments and Dates per CSV in detail.
  • Added encryption to Transaction Messages. Added "Message:" section to the double click transaction dialog with the user decrypted message value.

2014/12/23 Gridcoin Research 14.7 v3.3.0.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added Anti block spamming rule

2014/12/23 Gridcoin Research 14.5 v3.3.0.5

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed staking icon values and weight on overview page
  • Added additional netsoft check up to 3 times for failed blocks to help prevent orphans
  • Added DOS for certain block attacks and prevent early and late orphans
  • Added security features and plugged new attack vector (should reduce interest orphans)
  • Network Time improvements (to see the GRC network time "list networktime") verify it is within 5 mins of UTC unix time
  • Removed logging

2014/12/21 Gridcoin Research 14.4 v3.3.0.4

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • At block 91380 we reset the diff to .05; the rule is removed after 100 blocks

2014/12/20 Gridcoin Research 14.1 v3.3.0.1

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • CPID connection support on linux
  • Allow newbie to stake first block easily
  • Partial support for cpidv2 :
 (Last resort to disable cpidv2 temporarily: disablecpidv2=true) : 
 NOTE: This was tested on linux, this should not be required.  
  • Added accuracy to block.
  • Running Boinc Remotely (or without boinc installed): From the node with boinc and or BAM installed do this once: execute genboinckey
 Copy the key into the config of the node without boinc installed: 
 Example: boinckey=xxx; 
 We will eventually work on removing the necessity to go through this step when we work on ease-of-use features.
  • Fixed issue : cannot sync from 0
  • Diff reduction feature and improved mintlimiter rules

2014/12/18 Gridcoin Research 13.9 v3.2.9.8

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Refinements to Difficulty

2014/12/18 Gridcoin Research 13.8 v3.2.9.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • As of block 89600, we move to the new POR2.0 Diff Algorithm (should correct the diff problem very quickly)
  • The diff algorithm should also correct the POR payment problem (since the mintlimiter rule will then work correctly)

2014/12/17 Gridcoin Research 13.7 v3.2.9.5

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed P2PSQL Date Parsing issue for Global Support
  • Fixed issue where Gridcoin can crash during a wallet rescan

2014/12/16 Gridcoin Research 13.6 v3.2.9.4

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed "Client Losing Magnitude Value" issue

2014/12/15 Gridcoin Research 13.5 v3.2.9.3

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed modifier as of block 86331
  • Fixed network weight & personal weight values
  • Added coin confirmation (called coin tracking in the GUI) to use it:
 a.  While sending a transaction: check the "Track" checkbox
 b.  To check the status of the coins:  double click the transaction in the tx list.  Click "Track Coins".
   If the coins were physically received with Gridcoin running, 
   the client will say "Coins received" otherwise, the client will say "Coins not received".  
 c.  For the highly technical, to utilize our new P2P Boinc SQL database,
   you can also track the coins in the query analyzer by selecting rows from "Confirm" (beta).  Select * From Confirm where txid = 'txid'.
  • Added checkpoint and logic for less gui hang when a reorganize occurs.

2014/12/14 Gridcoin Research 13.4 v3.2.9.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed possible root cause of orphans
  • Found debugmode to be stuck on for most users resulting in huge logs: fixed (should reduce log by 90% and let us see errors more clearly)
  • Please downloadblocks to ensure we are all on the same chain

2014/12/14 Gridcoin Research 13.2 v3.2.9.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Made FindBlockByHeight threadsafe. Added additional separate support for RPC threads. Tested new version with the BX: Success.
  • Merged in Stake V2 features into Gridcoin (primarily blocks network time attacks and makes checking blocks with interest in acceptor robust). Set cutover point to block 85400.
  • Fixed linux CPID verification step.

2014/12/13 Gridcoin Research 13.1 v3.2.8.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Roll back to Fridays block acceptor rules

2014/12/13 Gridcoin Research 13.0 v3.2.8.

Gridcoin Research 3.2.8./13.0: Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Removed faulty reorg call

2014/12/12 Gridcoin Research 12.9 v3.2.8.5

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed interest rate scale issue
  • Made RSA's approaching zero owed more friendly
  • Removed AdjustedNetworkTime on block acceptor and handled block rejection when the client is still syncing gracefully

2014/12/12 Gridcoin Research 12.85 v3.2.8.4

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Split POR amount and Interest amounts.
 Based list rsa calculations on POR amount after 12-11-2014.  RSA will transition automatically to no longer include interest.
  • Added ResearchSubsidy and Interest to showblock and block.
  • Removed alternating POR-Interest stake rule.

2014/12/11 Gridcoin Research 12.8 v3.2.8.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • As of block 81430, we enforce alternating POR and Investor blocks. The miner will say sleeping when the last block is the opposite of your own type.

2014/12/11 Gridcoin Research 12.75 v3.2.8.1-107

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Transition to restart stake engine

2014/12/10 Gridcoin Research 12.75 v3.2.8.1

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed tiny payment issue when diff is high
  • Made coin erase last orphaned payment from cache if it became orphaned
  • Added ability for compiled clients (Linux & Mac) to sync with other users If the supplied CPID is valid, on team gridcoin, has a rac > 100, and e-mail is set properly in config (without using a compile key)
 The log should show a specific message if the user fails to set this up:
 To run a compiled version of gridcoin you must have a valid cpid, rac > 100,
 join team Gridcoin and set your email address properly.  (...)

2014/12/10 Gridcoin Research 12.65 v3.2.7.9

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Split acceptor rules for investors and researchers

2014/12/09 Gridcoin Research 12.6 v3.2.7.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Orphan prevention

2014/12/09 Gridcoin Research 12.5 v3.2.7.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added network security

2014/12/09 Gridcoin Research 12.4 v3.2.7.5

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • One more RSA Weight bug found

2014/12/09 Gridcoin Research 12.2 v3.2.7.4

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Retally net averages after a Reorg of chain
  • Update RSA on block every time a block is recreated
  • Added BRSA to overview page (block RSA)

2014/12/08 Gridcoin Research 12.1 v3.2.7.3

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Timestamp patch
  • Smart contract beta

2014/12/08 Gridcoin Research 12.0 v3.2.7.2-105

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed sync from zero problem - if you are an exposed full node, PM me and Ill send you the key for the security ban feature (We are still opensource)
  • Added resilience to avoid crashes from speech engine (although this is probably not the cause of the crash)
  • Added resilience during checking for upgrades (Possible cause for the crash)
  • Added ability for newbie with 0 blocks to stake the first block after 4 hours of being online
  • Modified kernel hash to not disrupt the user weight or total net weight
  • Modified kernel hash to avoid orphans (in response to all the logs)
  • Added ability to send a custom message to recipient in Send Coins Dialog (yesterday)
  • Added LastPaymentTime to block & RPC (added security for coinstake kernel calculation)

2014/12/07 Gridcoin Research 11.8 v3.2.7.1-105

Gridcoin Research : Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Added ability to send a custom message to recipient in Send Coins Dialog
 a.  To see the message on receipt, double click the transaction and read the Notes section

2014/12/07 Gridcoin Research 11.7 v3.2.7.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Block adjustment

2014/12/07 Gridcoin Research 11.7 v3.2.6.9

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Modified minimum stake age to 1 hour (help newbies stake faster)
  • Vlad requested a feature: Double clicking on a tx from an unknown recipient: Print address information below in information box
  • Use suppressvoice=true to suppress the voice
  • Added RSA weight to block
  • Removed semicolon in overview page

2014/12/06 Gridcoin Research 11.6 v3.2.6.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Using block based magnitude for stakeweight to eliminate any possibilities of 3rd party coinstake rejection

2014/12/06 Gridcoin Research 11.6 v3.2.6.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Data type changes

2014/12/06 Gridcoin Research 11.4 v3.2.6.3

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed the long stakeweight
  • Fixed the lag in the RPC console diff update
  • Fixed the RRSA value glitch
  • Added Check for AutoUpgrade every 90 minutes
  • Fixed a bug in the stakeminer preventing it from staking

2014/12/06 Gridcoin Research 11.4 v3.2.6.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Changed Seniority level on the block to RSAWeight
  • Changed Uninitialized Newbie to equal RSA Weight 1000
  • Added two fields to overview page: LRSA (Local RSA Weight), RRSA (Remote RSA Weight). Local is what the client adds to the stakeweight. Remote is what the 3rd party node adds to your weight.
 (If the numbers differ, something is wrong).
  • Added list rsaweight to the rpc
  • Removed magnitude from chaintrust
  • Removed all newbie rules

2014/12/05 Gridcoin Research 11.3 v3.2.6.1

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Modified ChainTrust computation to include boinc magnitude.
  • More adjustments to Level 4 stakeweight.

2014/12/05 Gridcoin Research 11.2 v3.2.6.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added rule to reject blocks > 66400 with diff > 1 million (reject the short fork). Added checkpoints @ 67000,69000,71000 to prevent from rolling back to the fork.
  • Incremented protocol
  • At your convenience, set the key in config : name=Your spelled surname (IE Mister) + Lastname, for example: name=Mister Doe (or 'name=Misses Doe')
  • Added outstanding RSA balance to coin stakeweight and block acceptor
  • Modified Seniority level 4 rule to use RSA weight (Addressing problem where no level 4 miners are staking)
  • Removed more logging

2014/12/03 Gridcoin Research 11.1 v3.2.5.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Removed successive magnitude rule (it didnt help)
  • Changed stakeweight system for Level 4 & 5 Newbie to require minted coins with applied stakeweight (in contrast to boinc magnitude)
  • Grandfathered diff limit in 3000 blocks in the future to get us past the bad block
  • (We can discuss RSA weight tomorrow in place of magnitude)
  • Removed lots of garbage in the logs

2014/11/30 Gridcoin Research 10.8 v3.2.4.9

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Renamed NewbieLevel to Seniority
  • Added BL to require each block to have a higher magnitude than the last block when PORdiff > 10; Except when last block was an investor block, then the process starts over
 a. This should help prevent orphans - because many miners will not be submitting
  competing blocks at the same time, orphaning other users blocks 
 b. This should prevent the exploding diff - since blocks must be accepted in an orderly manner
 c. This is enforced both at the stake miner and at the block acceptor level
 d. If 9 minutes passes without solving a block since the last block, any block is accepted

2014/11/28 Gridcoin Research 10.5 v3.2.3.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added new CPID algorithm to work side-by-side old (Will be testing results over the next 7 days)
  • Exploding Diff adjustments
  • Fine orphan adjustments

2014/11/27 Gridcoin Research 10.4 v3.2.2.9

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Please use downloadblocks after upgrading - we need to flush all orphans

2014/11/27 Gridcoin Research 10.3 v3.2.2.8/

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added a key so the client can memorize its last upgrade to prevent multiple reboots.
  • Fixed mint = 0 and back to back rule.

2014/11/25 Gridcoin Research 10.1 v3.2.2.6

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Refined stake kernel calculation
  • Made 40% of logging optional (use debugmode=true to enable extra logging) for compact debug logs

2014/11/24 Gridcoin Research 10.0 v3.2.2.5

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed possible bug in investor stake kernel calculation

2014/11/23 Gridcoin Research 9.8 v3.2.2.4

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Threading; Network utilization; Logging; Stake Weight

2014/11/23 Gridcoin Research 9.8 v3.2.2.3

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed 0 transmission receive checkpoint

2014/11/23 Gridcoin Research 9.7 v3.2.2.2

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added Global Sync P2P checkpoint - (CHECKPOINT_DISTRIBUTED_MODE=2); When a miner solves a block it is immediately broadcast globally; All stake miners try to accept the block and start hashing a new block
 * To test this:  The log should show Global Sync Checkpoint broadcast xxx (xxx is last blockhash)
   - Receiving nodes should log: Received Global Checkpoint xxx; Should start hashing a new block;
 * If this is used as an attack the receiving nodes will ignore the checkpoint after one minute
   - Or if the block is not received within one minute (In this condition the log states:
   Never received global solution; purging; )
  • Added dynamic subsidy mint limiter for small mint: This allows small block mint subsidies when diff is low
 Mint Limiter schedule:
 if (PORDiff >= 0  && PORDiff < .5) return .0001;
 if (PORDiff >= .5 && PORDiff < 1)  return .25;
 if (PORDiff >= 1  && PORDiff < 5)  return 1;
 if (PORDiff >= 5  && PORDiff < 10) return 5;
 if (PORDiff >= 10 && PORDiff < 50) return 7;
 if (PORDiff >= 50) return 10;
 Note: The client will still stake a small mint 10% of the time regardless of the mint limiter
 to ensure users with very small balances can stake.  This rule is in effect 90% of the time
 and will not cause a block rejection on the accept side.

2014/11/22 Gridcoin Research 9.6 v3.2.2.1

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added hard rule to prevent back-to-back blocks from one GRC Address (Possibly prevent orphans from forming)
  • Added tooltip condition to staking icon
  • Remove all orphans from tx list more than one hour old
  • Added description of Newbie Level to showblock

2014/11/21 Gridcoin Research 9.5 v3.2.2.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Refactored OutOfSyncByAge function
  • Added enhancement to stake miner to detect when client is mining a stale block and restarts with a fresh block (The idea here is to prevent reorganizations)
  • Added feature to remove all orphans from the wallet transaction list if they are over 4 hours old (so we can still see them forming)

2014/11/20 Gridcoin Research 9.2 v3.2.1.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Adjusted stakeweight
  • Added improvements to prevent orphans

2014/11/19 Gridcoin Research 9.1 v3.2.1.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Adjusted stakeweight plus BL rule
  • Added a check to the new user wizard: If boinc does not exist in the default location, it shows a message box with a warning and the expected path and the key setting to set. The user still needs to find Boinc as we have no idea where it is installed.

2014/11/18 Gridcoin Research 9.1 v3.2.1.6

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Further refined stakeweight & small mint amounts & threshold to add weight by outstanding PoR amount

2014/11/17 Gridcoin Research 9.0 v3.2.1.5

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed stakeweight & small mint problems

2014/11/16 Gridcoin Research 8.8 v3.2.1.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Added key for Drehb: exportmagnitude=true, then GRC will export mags to CSV once per day
  • Fixed RSA 14 day projection calculation (Could have been causing our sync problems, due to creating forks). Thanks Eyes for finding this.
 a.  This affects every CPID
 b.  This affects the list magnitude, list magnitudecsv, list rsa, etc.
 c.  The problem was due to the locktime calculation; depending on how far back a block was solved,
  it corrupted the payment timespan.  We now use 14 days as a constant throughout the program.
  • Added Mining Errors to overview page to help us debug errors with the newbie mining level. Added list nc to help diagnose newbie mining level.
  • Added payment magnitude to list rsa. This is only useful if you have a magnitude > maxblocksubsidy*.90 (IE 450 today). This shows your adjusted lederstrumpf magnitude used in payment calculations.

2014/11/15 Gridcoin Research 8.75

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Allow up to the max block value in PoR blocks, as long as researcher is owed double that in the long term
  • Reduced Newbie Stakeweight by 10* to help adjust the diff back to normal
  • Removed more unintended, large logging.

2014/11/15 Gridcoin Research 8.72 v3.2.0.8

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Adjusted golden icon trigger to 90% of max block value
  • Created a magnitude report for RTM "list magnitudecsv" that will export the magnitude list to a CSV file for excel.
 a. Added Outstanding in the last column and made it only > 0.
 This is our gauge to know when backup payments are depleted.
  • Added ability to export a CSV file to "reports/" directory. It only works with magnitude at this point.

2014/11/14 Gridcoin Research 8.71 v3.2.0.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Traced down problem in PoR acceptor; should be fixed now; added more logging if the block is rejected
  • Fixed the linux image issue

2014/11/14 Gridcoin Research 8.6 v3.2.0.5

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Fixed Two Hour PoR stake rule
  • Added 5 newbie levels: Investor, Veteran, Newbie not boincing, Uninitialized Newbie, Newbie Level 1 (1-5 blocks), Newbie Level 2 (6-100 blocks), Newbie Level 3 (101-200 blocks)
  • Added NewbieLevel to Block and Showblock in RPC
  • 'Supposedly' fixed the stakeweight levels again by standardizing the call to stake or check using the same function (May possibly prevent the orphans)
  • Removed the horrendous logging with !#
  • Added intelligent logging only if checking a 3rd party block, we now list essential info needed for debugging an orphan (hopefully)

2014/11/13 Gridcoin Research 8.5 v3.2.0.3

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Log full blockhash (not first 20 chars)
  • Newbie stake weight based on mag adjustments for 3rd party nodes

2014/11/12 Gridcoin Research 8.3 v3.1.9.9


  • Bug fix

2014/11/12 Gridcoin Research 8.3 v3.1.9.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Modified newbie dynamic stakeweight in block acceptor to be more accurate for each level of magnitude and added detailed logging with expeceted amount, calculated amount. Added logging with stakeweight variance when block is accepted then rejected by another node.

2014/11/10 Gridcoin Research 8.2 v3.1.9.7

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Incremented version to force upgrade
  • Removed newbie dynamic stakeweight and replaced with block magnitude to determine a hard stakeweight for newbies so those blocks are not rejected in the future
  • Added resilience to RSA payment system, to not pay out unless owed balance is at least 2 hours old (prevent back to back PoR payments)
  • Based payments owed on Full Payments Paid + Payments owed > 2 hours old for resilience when assessing rejected blocks
  • Added a flag to Re-tally mags before rejecting a PoR Block; added a lastTallied time for more effiency (will not do this more than once per 5 mins) - prevent GUI hangs
  • Added Last Harvested CPID time also for more efficiency - prevent GUI hangs
  • Added Reboot Client button to Rebuild Chain Menu
  • Added configuration option: reboot=true, your client will reboot if an invalid checkpoint is found and it tries to enter safemode
  • Added last payment time to RSA report (list rsa) - to determine recent payments
  • Removed some unecessary logging that was added to the last version

2014/11/09 Gridcoin Research 8.1 v3.1.9.6


  • Leisure update

It addresses the condition where we are about to reject a PoR block because we think it pays too much. The client will double check before rejecting the block.

2014/11/09 Gridcoin Research 8.1 v3.1.9.5


  • Requires an upgrade
  • Protocol version incremented

2014/11/09 Gridcoin Research 8.1 v3.1.9.2


  • Increment to

2014/11/09 Gridcoin Research 8.1 v3.1.9.1

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Incremented protocol version to force upgrade
  • Made Decentralized Checkpointing a feature
  • Enabled Centralized Checkpointing
  • Supposedly fixed stack overflow in linux

2014/11/08 Gridcoin Research 8.0 v3.1.9.0

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Incremented version
  • Adjusted decentralized checkpointing
  • Added stack protector

2014/11/08 Gridcoin Research 7.9 v3.1.8.8

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Wait for client to assimilate consensus before submitting POR block
  • Wait before rejecting a block
  • Handle sync-checkpoint %s is conflicting with current sync-checkpoint error
  • More support for the new CPID hashing algo (50% complete)

2014/11/07 Gridcoin Research 7.8 v3.1.8.7

Gridcoin Research v3.9: (post)

  • Fixed Downloadblocks
    • Hopefully this will be a huge help to any out of sync nodes.

Please test this if you are out of sync.

The problem was actually due to Classic having a reference to the file PoR needed; and it was not as simple as renaming it. The upgrade should move your upgrader component up to 3.9 then it should be capable of downloading blocks now. I just tested this and it appears to be working. I also made the % dynamic, so as our chain grows this should keep working.

2014/11/06 Gridcoin Research 7.8 v3.1.8.6

Gridcoin Research (post)

  • Modified Upgrader to actually monitor when Gridcoin exits (should fix the st13 wallet error from Zolae)
  • Replaced client reboot with a new system:
    • GRC will still honor authorized checkpoints, but, if a chain reorganization fails it will enter advisory mode until a successful block is accepted
    • If a bad checkpoint is broadcast, one that would be before an existing checkpoint (or in a block before the best block), the client disregards the checkpoint and enters advisory mode until the next successful block is accepted
    • The client goes back into strict mode after a successful block is accepted
    • If the checkpoint is not a descendant of the current sync checkpoint, move the client into advisory mode for one block
    • Removed Reboot from Windows (you can still do execute reboot from the RPC)
  • Upgraded GRC Upgrader to v3.7. Downloadblocks requires 3.7.
  • Fixed downloadblocks. <-- Download succeeds; Usage fails, will fix in the morning.

2014/11/05 Gridcoin Research 7.7 v3.1.8.5

Ok is out there which allows bootstrapping the chain for the next few hours.

I added this to my todo list to find a way to avoid this problem in the future - possibly lowering the low threshhold below .002 which is where we are, but for now just upgrade. I checked it in Sep.

2014/11/05 Gridcoin Research 7.7 v3.1.8.4

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Removed cpid hash from list cpids, and cleaned up report.
  • Added autounlock feature for encrypted locked wallets: (Requested by Acey)
 A) execute encrypt passphrase (from rpc).  This results in an encrypted (AES512) and encoded phrase.  
    Copy this to the config file: autounlock=encrypted_phrase
 B) If GRC tries to stake while locked, and this is populated correctly, 
    GRC will decrypt the phrase, unlock the wallet for 999,999 seconds and start staking.
  • Added long term owed, daily owed, and current daily to list rsa
  • Added Two levels to NewbieCompliesWithFirstTimeStakeweightRule: Level 1 for blocks 1-200, Level 2 for blocks 201-500 with decreasing stakeweight
  • Incremented Protocol

2014/11/05 Gridcoin Research 7.6 v3.1.8.3

(Revised to 7.7 v3.1.8.4) (post)

2014/11/04 Gridcoin Research 7.4 v3.1.8.2

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Changed Listitem to 'list' (IE list cpids, list magnitude, list rsa)
  • Converted 25% of GRC to the new CPID algo
  • Added fields to rsa report: list rsa
  • Removed duplicate projects in explain magnitude and cleaned explain magnitude dramatically and added narrative with math for final mag explanation

2014/11/03 Gridcoin Research 7.3 v3.1.8.1

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • To address the Strict Distributed Checkpoint issue, this version introduces Checkpoint Violations. When a node passes 3 violations, it moves into Advisory mode, meaning it can throw away the problem checkpoint, accept new blocks. Once it accepts a block successfully, it moves back into STRICT mode and clears the violation count.
  • Fixed the Whitelisted Project count in explain magnitude
  • Revisited Newbie stakeweight rule for staking approx once every 2 days with a low balance after period ends
  • Auto upgrade will upgrade after you reboot the program.

2014/11/02 Gridcoin Research 7.2 v3.1.8.0

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Added AutoUpgrade feature to Win Wallets (This feature automatically upgrades all windows wallets during a restart - if the release is newer than the release on the machine) To Disable: set suppressupgrade=true
  • Regarding execute reboot: We now allow client to exit for up to 9 seconds before restarting to save the wallet (Reported by TheLostBoy)
  • Added to New User Wizard config file.
  • Fixed constant popup problem in new user wizard.
  • Moved GridcoinServices() to Main, for compatibility with GridcoinResearchd
  • Fixed walletbackups in Linux

2014/10/31 Gridcoin Research 7.1 v3.1.7.9

Gridcoin Research (post)

  • Minor change to prevent staking while syncing from zero

2014/10/31 Gridcoin Research 7.1 v3.1.7.8

Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade (post)

  • Adjusted fork diff threshhold to .01
  • Adjusted netsoft tolerance percent to 1.3
  • Made it slightly easier to mine @ < .01 diff (network bootstrap)
  • Added IsUserQualifiedToSendCheckpoints - requiring a Mag consensus accuracy of 20+ to broadcast a checkpoint

2014/10/31 Gridcoin Research 7.0 v3.1.7.6

(Revised to 7.1 v3.1.7.8)(post)

2014/10/30 Gridcoin Research 6.95 v3.1.7.5

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade (post)

  • Made it Exceedingly hard to mine on a low-diff fork in prod (.001%) - Diff must be > .40 - Note this only stops established forks, And made it exceedingly hard to stake when out of sync
  • Fixed GetNumBlocksOfPeers for IsInitialDownload and used it for Blocks Estimate
  • Made grandfather block dynamic for faster initial sync
  • Added execute unfork command, this resets the chain 50 blocks prior to the best block - Please test
  • Prevented UI hang in 8.1
  • Removed reboots

2014/10/30 Gridcoin Research 6.8 v3.1.7.3

Gridcoin Research Mandatory upgrade (due to subsidy schedule rules changing today) (post)

  • Updated subsidy rules to reflect latest survey

if (nTime >= 1410393600 && nTime <= 1417305600) MaxSubsidy = 500; // between inception and 11-30-2014
if (nTime >= 1417305600 && nTime <= 1419897600) MaxSubsidy = 400; // between 11-30-2014 and 12-30-2014
if (nTime >= 1419897600 && nTime <= 1422576000) MaxSubsidy = 300; // between 12-30-2014 and 01-30-2015
if (nTime >= 1422576000 && nTime <= 1425254400) MaxSubsidy = 250; // between 01-30-2015 and 02-28-2015
if (nTime >= 1425254400 && nTime <= 1427673600) MaxSubsidy = 200; // between 02-28-2015 and 03-30-2015
if (nTime >= 1427673600 && nTime <= 1430352000) MaxSubsidy = 150; // between 03-30-2015 and 04-30-2015
if (nTime >= 1430352000 && nTime <= 1438310876) MaxSubsidy = 100; // between 05-01-2015 and 07-31-2015
if (nTime >= 1438310876 && nTime <= 1445309276) MaxSubsidy = 75; // between 08-01-2015 and 10-20-2015
if (nTime > 1445309276) MaxSubsidy = 50; // from 10-21-2015 forever
if (nTime >= 1410393600 && nTime <= 1417305600) INTEREST = 9 * CENT; // 09% between inception and 11-30-2014
if (nTime >= 1417305600 && nTime <= 1419897600) INTEREST = 8 * CENT; // 08% between 11-30-2014 and 12-30-2014
if (nTime >= 1419897600 && nTime <= 1422576000) INTEREST = 7 * CENT; // 07% between 12-30-2014 and 01-30-2015
if (nTime >= 1422576000 && nTime <= 1425254400) INTEREST = 6 * CENT; // 06% between 01-30-2015 and 02-30-2015
if (nTime >= 1425254400 && nTime <= 1427673600) INTEREST = 5 * CENT; // 05% between 02-30-2015 and 03-30-2015
if (nTime >= 1427673600 && nTime <= 1430352000) INTEREST = 4 * CENT; // 04% between 03-30-2015 and 04-30-2015
if (nTime >= 1430352000 && nTime <= 1438310876) INTEREST = 3 * CENT; // 03% between 05-01-2015 and 07-31-2015
if (nTime >= 1438310876 && nTime <= 1445309276) INTEREST =2.5 * CENT; //2.5% between 08-01-2015 and 10-20-2015
if (nTime > 1445309276) INTEREST =1.5 * CENT; //1.5% from 10-21-2015 forever

  • For win 2012/8.1 (or nodes with lagging UI, seems to be in Reorganize): After 3 failed reorganizes, the client reboots

2014/10/28 Gridcoin Research 6.7 v3.1.7.2

Gridcoin Research (post)

  • Incremented grandfather block to 22000 - syncing from zero
  • Note: Mandatory upgrade for all nodes to at least due to protocol version
  • I'm testing the sync from zero now; will edit this post when complete

2014/10/27 Gridcoin Research 6.6 v3.1.7.1

Gridcoin Research 6.6/ - Incremented protocol version; please upgrade (post)

  • Raised checkpoint requirement to 2mil to cut down on number of broadcasts
  • Reduced processing the same checkpoint twice and reduced logging
  • Added 5 minute background delay after finding a block in the stake miner (prevents global rapid fire)
  • Made newbie stakeweight dynamic (1% of network weight for newbies); adjusted newbie block acceptor to comply with the first time staking rule
  • A change was made to help newbies stake even with partial blocks of coins; test this and see if it solves our problems
  • Eliminated one of the hangs in the UI
  • Added logging for newbie debugging

2014/10/25 Gridcoin Research 6.5 v3.1.7.1

Gridcoin Research (post)

  • Incremented protocol

2014/10/25 Gridcoin Research 6.5 v3.1.7.0

(Existed very briefly between other versions.)

2014/10/25 Gridcoin Research 6.5 v3.1.6.9

Gridcoin Research (post)

  • Incremented grandfather block (does not break compatibility) - upgrade if you have trouble syncing

2014/10/25 Gridcoin Research 6.4 v3.1.6.8

Gridcoin Research 6.4/ (post)

  • Added distributed checkpointing system (Nodes with more than 1 million GRC will automatically broadcast a checkpoint)

2014/10/25 Gridcoin Research 6.3 v3.1.6.7

Gridcoin Research 6.3/ Mandatory Upgrade - Please upgrade (post)
Upgrade from RPC

  • Modified Newbie Stakeweight to 1000000, Allow up to 30 newbie blocks
  • Cleaned listitem cpids to verify ownership of cpid
  • Added listitem mymagnitude to filter down the report to your own magnitude
  • Added listitem validcpids to filter down the report to valid cpid projects with Verified RAC > 100 and Verified Team = Gridcoin

2014/10/23 Gridcoin Research 6.2 v3.1.6.6

Gridcoin Research 6.2/ Mandatory Upgrade - Please upgrade immediately (post)

  • I am seeing issues where the old client with low stakeweight is getting banned - flagged for misbehaving
  • This requires a forced upgrade
  • Incremented Protocol
  • Set the reboot back to one violation as forks are forming again (foundation cant sync)

2014/10/22 Girdcoin Research 6.1 v3.1.6.5

Gridcoin Research 6.1/ Upgrade from the RPC (post)

  • Added Lock around Gathering Network Averages (I believe this was the root cause of the crashes)
  • Added 10 second "Waiting for Gridcoin to Exit" during restart - and extra graceful terminate
  • Fixed problem pulling in extra users CPIDs (Eyes/Typhoon please test?)
  • Removed startup graphics
  • For Linux clients modified soft checkpoints to print to log and continue running (Sepulcher please test! Let us know if this works so that linux keeps running in sync without rebooting.)
  • Boosted Newbie stakeweight to 100k based on latest complaints (this only lasts for the first 9 PoR blocks)
  • For windows add 5 bad checkpoint violation count before restarting

2014/10/18 Gridcoin Research 6.0 v3.1.6.4

Gridcoin Research 6.0/ Upgrade from RPC: Yes (post)

  • Added RPC command: execute reboot - This command only reboots the node
  • Added auto reboot when the client forks, but only when the safemode condition arises and the node cannot recover:

In windows, instead of displaying:
"WARNING: Invalid checkpoint found! Displayed transactions may not be correct! You may need to upgrade, or notify developers." and entering safemode,
the node will reboot and resync without rebuilding the chain.

  • Added some optional features to grcrestarter (used by the checkpoint server): grcrestarter watchdog: This command will launch a watchdog process and if Gridcoin dies, it will restart the program; It has a GUI and a log.
  • Fixed problem where MSI removes both programs
  • We are now running watchdog on the checkpoint server
  • Modified the NewbieCompliesWithStakeWeight Rule to boost Newbie weight to 10000 to allow a block to be solved by Newbie with New CPID

2014/10/17 Gridcoin Research 5.95 v3.1.6.3

Gridcoin Research 5.95/ (post)

  • Incremented protocol version

2014/10/16 Gridcoin Research 5.9 v3.1.6.2

Gridcoin Research 5.9/ : Upgrade from RPC or UI (post)

  • Added 90 second minimum spacing between finding new blocks - preventing the rapid fire issue
  • Added Synchronized Checkpoint feature: (To Test Rob will verify from the foundation Log that new blocks are passed through the broadcasted checkpoint and accepted by other nodes)
  • RPC Command: execute restartnetlayer: Reloads block chain, restarts network layer
  • RPC Command: Execute reindex: Restarts node and reindexes chain
  • Fixed Button to Reindex Blocks (Restarts Node and reindexes chain)
  • Fixed GRCRestarter Reindex Blocks (Ensure v3.4) - Requires 2 upgrades
  • Added checkpoint @ 6000
  • Added resync command to configuration file : To test this, populate config file with : resync=resync_minutes. Populate resync_minutes with a number in minutes to resync the chain. The wallet will resynchronize the chain every time the duration in minutes passes. Only do this for testing until we isolate the problem.

2014/10/12 Gridcoin Research 5.75 v3.1.6.1

Gridcoin Research - Official Release: MSI v.5.75/Client (post)

  • Official Release

earlier releases

prior to this, the client was Gridcoin-Classic