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drehb -> Some questions regarding the content of this page:

“To calculate the interest reward coin-age is used. Coin-age is the stake of the investor times the days he held it for. If the investor Bob holds 50 Gridcoins for 3 days, he has acquired 150 coin-age. The higher the coin age, the larger will be the reward compared to the target reward. Once a block is found, the coin age is consumed and starts over again.”

“As shown in the above reward calculation coin-age is already a part of the function.”

drehb -> Rob has implemented Stake v2 (see Reading what I believe is the white paper for this algorithm (, it looks like coin-age is no longer used. Should we remove the above references to coin-age?

Seppelpeters -> Yes, coin age is removed as a mechanism to find blocks. So if your coin age is high you won't have a higher probability to find a block. The coin age is still used however to determine the block subsidy. The higher your coin age, the higher your block subsidy.

drehb -> looks good then

“The payments are subject to caps in the Maximum Block Subsidy. The Maximum Block Subsidy is the maximum reward that can be accrued per block from the Research Savings Account. The Maximum Block Subsidy is also the reward available for payment in any single block cap.”

drehb -> it is confusing that it is referred to as Maximum Block Subsidy, but the limit is actually a daily limit on how much you can get from PoR.

Seppelpeters -> At some point maximum block subsidy may equal daily limit, I agree though that the terminology is misleading, can you propose an alternative.

drehb -> OK I made some edits to try to clarify that it is a daily limit. Also added some calculations showing how much credit the RSA can hold.

“Payment is half of the reward available for payment.”

“Gridcoin-Research Reward Calculation Example”

drehb -> this seems incorrect/out-dated. According to the example we would not currently receive payments of 400 GRC (max at this time), but in fact we do. The client even has golden icons for it. Is this golden 400 GRC payment actually 200 GRC PoR payment and 200 GRC PoS payment, or is this example not correct? Pretty sure it is all PoR.

Seppelpeters -> I think you are right again, though here I am unsure. The whole statement from The payments... ...available for payment" has to be reviewed.