Wallet Auto-unlock for staking

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To make use of the auto unlock feature in the GridcoinResearch wallet:

  • Click Help -> Debug Window -> Console

Pre Gridcoin Wallet version

  • Type: execute encrypt YourPassPhrase

Post Gridcoin Wallet release

  • Type: encrypt YourPassPhrase
  • You will receive an encrypted string in the RPC (Only decryptable by jumping through hoops with AES512/base64 - i.e. if this phrase is compromised by a thief and the wallet is locked, it would take them quite a while to figure out how to decrypt the passphrase)
  • Add the following line to your gridcoinresearch.conf: autounlock=YourPassPhraseAsEncryptedString

An additional security feature exists that only allows the autounlock to be active on the original machine where it was activated, certain attributes of the CPU and hard disk drive are concatenated and modified with an MD5. The procedure above will need to be repeated if hardware configuration changes.