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For a standard upgrade from the client, be sure to run as administrator and than click Upgrade QT Client -> Upgrade Client.

Step by step guide for safe upgrade:

  • Uninstall Gridcoin from programs
  • Delete all folders related to gridcoin from C:\Program Files for 32 bit OS and C:\Program Files (x86) for 64 bit OS
  • Unhide hidden folders
  • Go to C:\users\%youraccount%\AppData\Roaming\GridcoinResearch\ and delete all content EXCEPT your wallet and conf file
  • Download new MSI
  • Install
  • Create shortcut on desktop from the .exe if not already created
  • Right click and run as administrator (elevated)
  • Let it sync
  • Unlock wallet but not fully, just for staking (tick box) ltnsAW5.png
  • Start up BOINC
  • Set BOINC simple view>Tools>Computing Preferences to 90% CPU and 50% of spare drive capacity, set to always on.
  • Work as normal and if you get bottlenecks in memory, CPU or drive throttle CPU back from 90% to say 60%
  • Setting to always on means you will do more good BOINC work as it will work with you as long as it's 'CPU busy' flag is not triggered.

Upgrading from Windows command prompt without client open

  • Navigate to the directory where GridcoinResearch.exe is installed, on standard installation it is in C:\Program Files (x86)\GridcoinResearch
  • Type in the following command (between the quotes, without the quotes) - "grcrestarter -upgrade"

Note that if you receive a run-time error after upgrading you need to re-download your blockchain. This can be done by deleting block chain files in the GridcoinResearch directory located in appdata. A good practice is to re-name the GridcoinResearch directory, start the Gridcoin client, dismiss the new user prompts and select Rebuild Block Chain -> Download Blocks from the menu. The client will close itself and begin downloading the block chain snapshot. While that is taking place copy your wallet.dat and gridcoinresearch.conf file from your re-named directory into the newly created GridcoinResearch directory overwriting the files in the new directory with your previous copies. When the download finishes and the client restarts your wallet and configuration will be correct and you should quickly become in sync with the network (10-15 minutes on a standard speed computer and connection).